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Harvest Moon: Back to Nature is a video game simulation game that contains oil. Is one of the video-game series Harvest Moon game, which is also the only Harvest Moon series for the Playstation. This game was developed by Victor Interactive Software, and redistributed by the Palapa (Version Indonesian)
Characters from Harvest Moon 64 mostly moved into this game, although with new lifestyles and new characters, including also the girl who can marry (Ann, Popuri, Maria (known as Mary), and Karen.

In the game, Jack (can be named is free) to start the game by having an estate of chaos and a little money to start a plantation. The end of this game is the player must make a successful and well-kept estate, and make friends with other villagers in Mineral Town, the village where players live. 3 important factors to consider is the availability of time, money and energy.Plants that need watering every day takes time and energy is not small. Players must upgrade its equipment so that more efficient use of time and effort. To upgrade equipment also takes time and money.Many years ago, the main character, Jack, came to his grandfather's garden in summer. His grandfather was too busy taking care of plantations that did not get to take care of Jack. So Jack can freely walks the streets in the city. He then met a little girl her age, and they were close friends. (Anyone who later married her, would say that she is the girl who played with him first)When summer was over, he had to return to the city, but he promised his little girl when she would return someday. When Grandpa Jack died a few years ago, Jack has grown into a young man, then he returned to town to take over the plantation. Mayor (mayor) of the city will say to Jack that he could become permanent if the owner of the garden he could return back to normal. But if he fails to improve plantation or not be friends with the villagers then Jack must go from the village. He was given three years to restore his grandfather's farm to be good as before.

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1.You set the bios before it, could be from the Wizard, or click Config -> Bios, change the bios versionto  use "SCPH9002.BIN".

2.For Sound and CD-ROM select aja defaulnya, Default Sound "ePSXe SPU Core 1.7.0", and thedefault CD-ROM "ePSXe CDR WNT/W2K Core 1.7.0".

And set the video, via Wizard or click Config -> Video, select "Pete's DX6 D3D Driver 1.77", then clickConfig, and select the "Nice".
Control and set, if my friend does not have a joystick, my friend could ignore the setting of this control,so my friend play his pake Keyboard PS.
For my friend who could do a Joystick Control settings, can through the Wizard or click Config ->Game Pad -> Port 1 -> Pad 1. My friend can select "Digital" or "Dual Analog"
 Done ..... Now my friend put his CD PS1 games, click File -> Run CDROM.
Or if you do not have a CD or PS1 games can also click File -> RunISO if my friend is an ISO file!

Good luck


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Ucapin goodluck aja lah :) Lo indo kan?

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